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Culinary experiments and "0 km" produce, in a whirlwind of colours and flavours to enchant the palate

Eatè - Simply Gourmet - Opening 2021

The very best of gourmet Maremma, directly on the beach, with just 30 covers.

For those who love living culinary adventures with local products, our Chef Franco Manfredi and his staff have reinterpreted, in a gourmet style, the finest dishes of Tuscan tradition, combining them with a painstaking selection of local and international wines.

The philosophy that guides us is based on simplicity and genuineness applied to both fish and meat dishes typical of our region. Moreover, we aspire to give them a new life, realizing an explosion of innovative taste that is authentic and respectful too.

Chef Franco Manfredi has 36 years of experience, has experienced the great change in the world of cooking from the 80s up to present day, and has always believed that the creativity of a cooker must always be supported by a good technique.

He cares of his Tuscan origins and he keeps direct contacts with those who supply him raw materials. His cuisine is simple, composed by few ingredients, and it aims to respect the products. His goal is to lighten traditional recipes, to make them more innovative and easier to digest.

In line with the nature of our Resort, at Eatè, the guests can enjoy a 360° sensory experience: from the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, to the aroma that comes from the kitchen, until the dish presentation: tempting, colourful, delicious… a combination of consistencies and different flavours.

The fish is carefully cleaned, the meat remains soft and the vegetables never lose their natural flavour. Everything is respectfully trated. The condiments enhance without covering the taste and each dish is accompanied by a wine, chosen from a wide range of fine labels, which glorify the flavours.

Not to mention our wonderful elite location: on the beach and few steps away from the sea. Every evening, by candlelight, lulled by the waves sound and accompanied by the view of the illuminated Elba island, you will taste unique flavours in total peace. Few tables, only 30 covers, to make the service faster and more exclusive .... because Eate' is a unique experience for those who want only the best from their holiday.

With an innovative cuisine and an inebriating location, The Sense Resort is ready to offer you just the best during your stay. Fully enjoy your holiday in Tuscany by dining at the Eate 'restaurant.

The Sense

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