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The Sense Experience Resort

One place, myriad voyages.

Immersed in a pine forest behind the beach of Torre Mozza, in the Tuscan coastal area called the Maremma , just a few kilometres from Follonica, the new "The Sense Experience Resort" is set to become the refuge where you can find the time to devote to what you like doing best.

The energy of nature pervades every place, both within and outside the Resort, giving you the luxury of being yourself, in perfect harmony with your surroundings.

Your senses will be awakened like never before by the enchanting sea views and by the fragrances and aromas of our cooking – to say nothing of the thousand experiences that will make every day of your holiday feel different.

The swimming pool, the private beach and the lush pine forest will warm your spirit and come together to offer you the ideal place in which to relax and contemplate nature, while the careful selection of the finest Tuscan raw materials and our detox areas will regenerate your body and prepare you for a new experience of travel.

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